Quit smoking easily with Thrive with Ian

Thrive as a non smoker

Research has shown that most smokers would like to quit smoking cigarettes and E-Cigarettes for ever!

There are many reasons given for wanting to quit smoking cigarettes or E-cigarettes, such as:

  • Health and lifespan
  • Save money – it’s a very expensive habit
  • Smoking is very Antisocial
  • Nagging from partners, children, doctor
  • Stale cigarette smoke smell – house, clothes, breath

So why do you smoke cigarettes, can you tell me any positives to smoking? QUIT SMOKING TODAY! contact us now.

Understanding your answer to this question is the first step to stopping.

Thrive as a non smoker, is a step by step programme that will teach you how you can quit smoking cigarettes and E-Cigarettes easily and quickly.  Fully supported by scientific research, the Programme blows away all the myths about so called ‘nicotine addiction’ and just presents the facts.

Ask yourself how you cope when you are not able to smoke, on a long haul flight for example.  Were you rolling about in the aisles suffering withdrawal symptoms?  No, of course not, you knew you couldn’t smoke, so you didn’t.

Thrive as a Non-Smoker will fundamentally change your beliefs about smoking.

Chances are you may have tried to stop before, or stopped for a period, but are back to smoking cigarettes again.  This may have led you to believe that ‘It’s really difficult to quit’, but the good news is that this Programme has a 92.5% success rate!

Smoking is a state of mind, not an addiction, and Thrive as a Non-Smoker will demystify quitting as well as giving you real insight into your thinking styles.

Are you ready to quit smoking cigarettes?  Contact us now for  you FREE no obligation Consultation.

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Ian is a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant and member of The Association of Thrive Programme Consultants