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The Power of Positives

The Power of Positives.  We all have positive experiences, events, and thoughts but so often we forget to harness their power.  What do I mean by this?  Read on and learn more. ———- ooo OOO ooo ———- What Are Positives? Our lives are crammed full of positive experiences, events, thoughts, and feelings but if we…


Is life getting you down?

Is life getting you down?  It is certainly easy to think that it is, but are you placing the blame in the wrong place?  Could it be you that’s getting you down.  Let’s examine the evidence. ———-ooo OOO ooo———- Life is no fun! It is very easy to develop a belief that life is, in…


Feeling in Control

Feeling in control of your life and your world is an essential component of developing strong psychological foundations.  In this short article I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of control – and how to avoid the latter. ——————– ooo OOO ooo ——————– Feeling in Control Firstly please notice I am saying ‘feeling’, not ‘being’…


8760 hours – some thought as we approach 2018

8760 hours – some thoughts as we approach 2018.  What will your New Year Resolutions be, will you stick to them, and why do we make them at all? ———- ooo – OOO – ooo ———-   Which way to look? Well 2017 is almost over as I write this, and 2018 is just 36…


Who are you at 10 past 2 ?

Who are you at 10 past 2 ? Some thoughts about the masks we wear, the acts we put on, and what it feels like when the masks and acts are dropped.  Who are you at 10 past 2 ? ———- ooo OOO ooo ———- All the world’s a stage……… How often do we put…


‘Tis the season to be………angry?

‘Tis the season to be……… angry? A few thoughts about anger, and anger management as we approach the festive season. ———ooo – OOO – ooo——— Family time. How often have we heard it – Christmas….it’s all about the kids, the family?  Sounds idyllic but all too often the picture can be different.  The Festive Season…