Cure Fears and Phobias – Let Ian teach you how.

Cure Fears and Phobias – Let Ian teach you how.

Are Phobias real?  Perhaps an obvious question, but we are not born with phobias so how do they happen?

Phobias are very real to those of us who suffer them and they may start as a result of an unpleasant experience.

The real question is ‘Why do some people who have an unpleasant experience develop a phobia while others don’t?

The answer is surprisingly simple.

Any fear or phobia after an event is coming from current anxious thinking, not from the event itself.

The anxiety and fear is being created now and in order to overcome a phobia it is current thinking that needs to be addressed.

Something that is a bit unpleasant or unusual does not create a phobia.

Again, the feelings are being created by a persons thinking, and, if you are creating it you can learn to uncreate your response.

The Thrive Programme, which is clinically and research based, teaches you how to overcome fears and phobias and learn how to manage your thinking.

You learn how to take back control and develop strong, positive, belief systems, while curing your fears and phobias.

The Thrive Programme is successful at eliminating a wide range of phobias including:


  • Fear of Flying, Open spaces, Thunder and lightning
  • Fear of Dogs, Cats, Spiders, Mice, Snakes etc
  • Fear of Heights, ladders, lifts, escalators, stairs, climbing
  • Fear of specific colour(s), noise, specific sounds
  • Fear of school, offices, hospitals, doctors, injections

And many, many more.  Contact us for more information on how we can help cure your fears and phobias, or to book your FREE no obligation Consultation.

Fears and phobias can totally disrupt your life, drain your energy, and cause so much damage psychologically.  Please don’t let it ruin your life, get in touch today….

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Ian is a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant and member of The Association of Thrive Programme Consultants