Thrive with Ian will teach you how to cure your emetophobia

The Thrive Programme will Cure Emetophobia

Emetophobia is the fear of being sick, or witnessing others being sick. It sometimes known as the silent phobia as many sufferers find it hard to talk about. 

It is, however, one of the most common phobias for which people consult Thrive Programme Consultants.

Research indicates that up to 8.8% of the population (Hout and Bouman, 2011) suffer from emetophobia suggesting that it affects up to 5.5 million people in the UK.

Emetophobia tends to be a severe symptom that impacts significantly on sufferers’ ability to lead the life they desire.  Sufferers try to avoid anything that could make them vomit and situations where there is a risk of seeing others vomit. 

Eating out, going to the Pub, cooking and food preparation, and even pregnancy are just a few examples of areas affected by emetophobia.

Undertaking The Thrive Programme you will learn new and effective psychological principles to totally eliminate emetophobia from your life.

Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive, is a ground- breaking new approach based on detailed scientific research and the clinical insights of experienced Thrive Programme Consultants. 

Developed by Rob Kelly, the programme is easy to follow and understand, and liberates sufferers from this unpleasant and serious phobia.

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Ian is a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant and member of The Association of Thrive Programme Consultants