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Nobody likes being sick, or seeing others vomit. Research suggests that some 7% of the population suffer from a phobia of vomit and related things. This problem, often called “The silent Phobia”, as sufferers don’t talk about it, but Emetophobia has a huge affect on sufferers and their loved ones.




What has Christmas got to do with it?                                                        emetophobia-thrive-with-ian

When somebody suffers from Emetophobia they go to great pains to avoid any situations that could make them unwell.  Attending family parties, pubs and restaurants, and even travelling on public transport, become nightmares as Emetophobes try to avoid any bugs.  Christmas being the party season only makes this worse!

What about Christmas dinner!  The Festive Season is a time to eat, drink, and make merry, but Emetophobes are extremely careful about everything they eat and drink and cannot enjoy taking part.  Emetophobia sufferers routinely avoid Alcohol and rich food turning parties into minefields and pubs into no go areas. This leads to severe anxiety when faced with these situations.

How to Beat Emetophobia before Christmas.

There are a number of therapies available and you may have tried some of them.  Thrive  is a unique, training programme that teaches you to overcome Emetophobia by equipping you with the skills, insights, self belief and determination you need.  Thrive is NOT a therapy nor is there any exposure to the things you fear. You will receive a workbook written for Emetophobes and during 6 to 8 sessions I will guide you through the programme. You owe it to yourself and you will be ready for a great Festive Season. There is still time to complete the programme before Christmas, and get yourself ready for a really great time.



Start now by visiting www.Thrivewithian.com/emetophobia for more information. Whether you know when your Emetophobia started, or you don’t remember a time without it you can learn to Thrive.


Click here  to watch Rob Kelly, founder of The Thrive Programme


I’m Ian and I’m a qualified Thrive Programme Consultant. Using the professionally developed Thrive Programme – a proven, evidence based, positive psychology training programme – I work with people from all walks of life, providing the insights and skills they need to change their lives for the better.

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